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EHS Principle
• We focus on Environmental Sustainability.
• We strive to reduce the use of natural resources and to utilize clean energy. We pursue in business activities and product manufacturing process to minimize the impact to the environment.
• Zero injures, Zero occupational illnesses, Zero environment pollutions.

EHS Policy
• Comply with the laws and the regulations; establish the working ambient with health, safety, sanitation, environment protection, civilization and harmoniousness.
• The health, safety, sanitation, and environment protection will be equivalently important as the quality, schedule and cost. The highest priority should be given to health, safety, sanitation and be propitious to environment protection.
• It is the responsibility of every employee to do the health, safety, sanitation, and environment protection work well to preserve our blue sky, clear water and peaceful environment for our sustainable development.

EHS System
• We utilize systematic risk management to identify and to evaluate the company's business risk. Take the measures of proactive prevention and effective emergency response to reduce the likelihood of EHS accidents, negative events and the severity of the consequences.
• We strive to protect our employees with professional management tools, effective management procedures and continuous employee training. We are committed to all necessary resources and investment in our production facilities to achieve the Inherent Safety.
• We strive to reduce the risks and ensure continuous business.
• Sticking to our company value of “We care for life, We work for human health.”,we integrate environment, occupational health, and safety into our business We strive to avoid pollution of the environment and to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and partners.

EHS Culture
Visible & Felt Leadership, Localized Management, Linear Responsibility, Total Involvement, Continuous Improvement, Responsible Care, Excellent Operation, Green Chemistry