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Ms. Zhao Nan was granted the honor of “Fifth Outstanding Talents of Zhangjiang”

Source:DESANO      Date:2017-09-21 15:09:23

On 28th July, the Awards Ceremony of “Fifth Zhangjiang Outstanding Talents” was held by Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Administration Committee in Shanghai University of Science and Technology. Ms. Zhao Nan-VP of Desano was granted the honor of “Fifth Outstanding Talents of Zhangjiang”. The selection activity of “Outstanding Talents of Zhangjiang” is an important part of “Plan of Attracting Talents in Zhangjiang”. The principle of this selection is “not only considering education background, qualifications, nationalities, showing full respects to talents and markets, evaluating talents in perspective of market-oriented contribution and entrepreneurial sight”. The selection emphasizes on the talent’s capability of innovation, contributions, market efficiency and comprehensive abilities.

Ms. Zhao Nan graduated from West China University of Medical Sciences and was granted Master degree 17 years ago. She has been working in Shanghai Desano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd until now. Zhao Nan started her career in Zhangjiang, grew up in Zhangjiang and obtained harvest in Zhangjiang. She worked as R&D manager, Institute director, R&D director to current VP of R&D.  She is responsible for the research development and technology of the company, which have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company. Zhao Nan devotes herself to the R&D of anti-AIDs drugs, promotes the local manufacturing of anti-AIDs drugs, which reduced the cost of anti-AIDs drugs dramatically. Currently, Desano is supporting the medical treatment of 5 million HIV-infected patients all around the world. Desano becomes the Chinese manufacturer owning most complete types of anti-AIDs drugs and the largest manufacturer of anti-AIDS API around the world.