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Desano was invited to attend the Foundation Ceremony for AIDS Research

Source:DESANO      Date:2018-02-01 10:03:00

On 19th Jan., the 8th Anniversary of the Establishment of Shanghai AIDS Clinic and the opening ceremony of Shanghai Public Health AIDS research Center for AIDS Research were held at the Jinshan headquarter of Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center. Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was invited to attend this opening ceremony, Mr. Kang Laiyi(Professor of Shanghai Disease and Prevention Center), Mr. Wu Hong(Director of Medical Administration Department of Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission), Mr. Zhang Kan(Director of Science and Education Department of Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission), Mr. Lu Hongzhou(Secretary of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center) attended this ceremony.

Shanghai Public and Health AIDs Research Canter integrated resources from Universities and hospitals, applied excellent science and research achievements into clinic to improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment. The establishment of this center is a pioneering process of building domestic and foreign first-class research hospitals by Shanghai Public and Health Clinic Center. So far, AIDS is still an important problem that threatens human life and health. By Nov. 2017, there are 755 thousand of HIV infective and 240 thousand of death in China. China has made remarkable progress in the field of AIDS prevention and treatment, but the epidemic trend of AIDS is still serious.

Mr. Lu Hongzhou fully affirmed the research and development achievements of Desano in the past years and encouraged Desano to provide better local manufactured drugs to benefit HIV patients in China.