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Mr. Luo Qiang inspected the safety production in Yancheng Desano

Source:DESANO      Date:2018-02-26 11:39:00

On 11th Feb., Mr. Luo Qiang(Member of Standing Committee of Yancheng Dafeng District, Secretary of Party Committee of Dafeng Port District) along with department heads of Dafeng Safety Supervision Bureau, Dafeng Environmental Protection Bureau, Dafeng Port Petrochemical New Material Industrial Park came to Yancheng Desano to inspect the safety production. Mr. Cheng Fenghua(President), Mr. Xiong Yuyou(GM) accompanied the inspectors.

Mr. Xiong Yuyou introduced the company operating situation, production site management, production arrangement during holiday and the situation of personnel on duty. Then Mr. Luo Qiang came to the workshop 1 to inspect the safety on site and affirmed the production site and the delicacy management of Yancheng Desano. Mr. Luo Qiang emphasized on that company should implement the entity responsibility of safety production, supervise staff to strictly abide by the SOP, improve the awareness of safety production and put the safety production in first place, focus on the safety risk points with the “zero tolerance” attitude to strictly prevent and thoroughly correct, effectively eliminate all kinds of security risks in the bud, implement preparatory work of personnel on duty during the Chinese New Year and emergency treatment, ensure the company’s safety production and orderly operation.