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1、Synthesis R&D group leader

• Be responsible of the process development and optimization of APIs;
• Design the synthetic routes independently;
• Be responsible of guiding the project pilot test in plant and helping solve the process problems during the production.
• Master degree or above, major in Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutical industry or related;
• At least 1 year working experience in the process development of active pharmaceutical ingredients or intermediates,outstanding college graduate is also welcome;
• Familiar with the knowledge and skills about the organic synthesis process development, familiar with relevant knowledge about production equipment on chemical pharmaceutical;
• Excellent English ability of reading and writing, Be capable of looking up English literature;
• Good study skills, active and hardworking, good organizing ability.
(3)Working place: Zhangjiang, Shanghai

2、Synthesis chemist

• Be responsible of basic operation of chemical reaction, judge and analyze the reaction results;
• Be responsible of searching and collating literatures, solving relevant problems during the experiment;
• Be responsible of completing experiment records and relevant safety and cleaning work in the lab.
• Bachelor degree or above, major in Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical engineering , Applied chemistry or related;
• At least 1 year relevant working experience, outstanding college graduate is also welcome;
• Familiar with professional knowledge about organic synthesis and experiment operation about organic chemistry;
• Basic English ability of reading and writing;
• Good study skills, active and hardworking.
(3)Working place: Zhangjiang, Shanghai

3、Chemical Process Engineer

• Responsible for the investigation of the process parameters suggested by project designing group, prepare the investigation protocol of process improvement to meet the target of process optimization, organize the investigation of process, writing and compiling of investigation report.
• Prepare the report of materials balance and energy balance of each process.
• Responsible for the testing and optimization of process parameters.  Data recording, collating and analysis. Propose solution of process optimization.
• Bachelor degree or above, chemical engineering and technology, pharmaceutical engineering or other related majors.
• More than one year working experience of process development and investigation of pharmaceutical chemicals, fine chemicals or agrochemicals. Excellent graduating students are also welcome.
• Familiar with unit operation of chemical engineering (reaction, distillation, separation, filtration, centrifugation, drying etc.).
• Capable of basic theory and knowledge of unit operations of chemical engineering, have good master of material and energy balance, calculation of chemical equipment.
• Have good master of AutoCAD, designing of P&ID. Familiar with more than one chemical engineering designing software (ex. Aspen plus).
(3)Working place: Zhangjiang, Shanghai

4、Procurement Manager

• Responsible for the daily procurement of fixed assets, instruments, consumables, large equipment.
• Follow the market closely, prepare report of market research regularly, regular market and evaluate of suppliers regularly.
• Reach cost targets, implement procurement benefit analysis, evaluate prices and quality requirements.
• Bachelor degree or above, pharmaceutical engineering,  chemical machinery or other related majors.
• More than 8 years working experience of procurement.
• Capable of coordinating, communicating, negotiating and bargaining.
• Basic English ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
• Fast learner, hard worker and good organizer.
(3)Working place: Zhangjiang, Shanghai