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Shanghai Desano Held the 2017 Annual Employee Sports Meeting

Source:DESANO      Date:2017-11-16 19:39:00

In October, the 2017 Annual Employee Sports Meeting was held in Shanghai Desano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The Meeting includes six major projects – men’s basketball competitions, table tennis competitions, mixed doubles of basketball shooting competitions, rope skipping competitions, shuttlecock competitions, poker competitions. Around 150 athletes, staff and cheerleaders from Desano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Puxin Co., Ltd., Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Yancheng Desano Pharmaceutical Co. participated in the Meetings.

On the morning of 14th October, the Employee Sports Meeting was opened in a grand ceremony, the opening ceremony was hosted by Mr. Fan Zhongmin, the vice GM of Desano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Dr. Li Jinliang, the GM of Desano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., made an inspiring speech. Representatives of athletes and referees swore an oath respectively. Mr. Li Jingpeng, president of Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., announced the opening of the 2017 Annual Employee Sports Meeting of Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Mrs. Liu Wei, vice GM of Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Mr. Ye Shilai, GM of Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd attended the opening ceremony.

Men's basketball competition was the first climax of the sports meeting. Each team competed intensely, team members coordinated closely to pass, defense and attack, which fully showed the teamwork and perseverance. Every pass, defense and attack brought the cheering and applause from audiences. The mood of audiences kept fluctuating with the change of score.

Then it came to the table tennis competition, all the athletes showed their excellent skills to spike, rotate the ping pong. Especially in the final round, the competition was quite intense with the cheering and applause from audiences.

Shuttlecock and rope skipping seems to be simple sports because the duration time just took one minute. However, the competition is extremely fierce, it required athletes to have excellent speed and rhythm. Each athlete concentrated on the shuttlecock to try their best to score as soon as possible and never gave up when interrupted. The spirit of continuous self-improvement is far more important than the results of competition. The faith and insistence are the perfect interpretation of the sportsmanship.

Sports are both dynamic and static, the porker competition does need composure. The athletes cooperated closely with the precise calculation, competed with both skills and wisdom. All the athletes learned from each other and felt enjoyable.

On the afternoon of 15th October, with the end of the ping-pong competition, all the projects were completed. After two days of fierce competition, the Chemical Pharmaceutical team won the championship with the total score of 17 points. Jiangsu Puxin Team got second place. Desano Pharmaceutical team and Yancheng Desano team won the third and fourth place respectively. Dr. Li Jinliang, GM of Desano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Mr. Sunil, vice president of Acebright Pharmaceutical Group, Mr. Fan Zhongmin, vice GM of Desano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Mr. Ye Shilai, GM of Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd awarded trophies and commendations to each team.

Each team participated in the competition with excellent skills and spirit of team cooperation. The most important contribution is to exercise the physical strength, increase the willpower, highlight the vitality and finally achieve the happiness, rather than the win or lose. Desano will see this sports meeting as a new start to promote the construction of the company culture and the harmonious development of the company to create new glories.