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Team Building in Huihang Ancient Trail

Source:DESANO      Date:2016-03-30 14:20:00

In Mar. 2016, the company organized Huihang Ancient Trail Hiking as team building to celebrate 20th anniversary of Desano.

East from Zhechuan County in Zhejiang Province, west to Jixi County in Anhui Province, Huihang Ancient Trail lasts about 18 km. In the past thousands of years, it is a fundamental commercial trail for Hui merchants to transport salt, tea and other goods between Anhui and Hangzhou Province. Famous for the extraordinary natural scenery, Huihang Ancient Trail nowadays has become the most popular hiking routes in East China. Spectacular trail, ancient relics, amazing stone with different size, clear streams, surprising waterfalls are everywhere.

It took us about 5 hours to complete the hiking. All team members were impressed by the peaceful and beautiful scenery and were excited to complete hiking fast. We encouraged each other and helped each other throughout the trail. We overcame the difficulties and shared the success together. This team building activity was impressive and unforgettable.