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National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering Center Passed the Inspection of MOST

Source:DESANO      Date:2018-11-27 09:44:38

National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center passed the inspection of expert group from Ministry of Science and Technology on 30th July. There are 10 experts including Mr. Tian Baoguo(Deputy director of the department of social development and science and technology, ministry of science and technology), Mr. Dong Shupei(Deputy director of biomedical division, Shanghai science and technology commission), Mr. Xia Ningshao(Expert in inspection team, Dean of school of public health, xiamen university), Mr. Chen Kaixian(Academician of Shanghai institute of materia medica, Chinese academy of sciences), Mr. Qian Xuhong (President and academician of east China normal university) attended the conference. Mr. Ding Kuiling(Director of National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center), Mr. Li Jinliang(Director of National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center), Mr. Zhang Hua and Ms. An Xiaoxia(Deputy directors of National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center) attended the inspection conference.

National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center is established under the support of Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd on October, 2014 after the approval of MOST ( Ministry of Science and Technology ). It is the first national engineering and technology research center named by disease. After 3 years construction, the center focuses on guaranteeing the significant demand of national anti-HIV drugs and forming systematic core technology system in 7 fields including synthetic biology technique, which improves the overall level and competitiveness of China's anti-aids drug industry, makes breakthrough in key technologies such as green synthesis technology and formulation combination technology, completes the clinical application and registration of 9 anti-aids drug preparations. Among them, the first-line Anti-HIV drug Efavirenz tablets achieved the first launch in China, Fixed-dose Combination (FDC) of Zidovudine, Lamivudine, and Nevirapine (AZT/3TC/NVP) achieved the first new anti-HIV drug certificate in China, 1 formulation product is approved by USFDA, 4 formulation products are applied to WHO and 2 of them are approved.10 projects of development and technical reserves of first/second line anti-HIV drugs recommended by WHO are completed, 19 invention patents are applied, including 2 international patents targeting to USA, EU and other designated countries, 5 national scientific research projects are undertaken. With the construction of National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center, the nationalization level of anti-HIV drugs is significantly improved. During the period of organization and construction, the accumulated sales revenue for 3 years exceeded 5 billion RMB, made up more than 38% of international market of major products of first line anti-HIV drugs of to promote the popularization of antiviral therapy in China and save more than 10 billion RMB of treatment costs for China.

Through site inspection, debriefing, documents reading, questioning and discussion etc., expert group comprehensively evaluated the construction of engineering and technology research center. Expert group considered that the management system of the center is good and sound, the efficient operation mechanism of technical research and development, achievement transformation and talents magnet is fundamentally formed, the target tasks of project assignment book are completed and expected targets of organization and construction are realized. The expert group unanimously agree to pass the site inspection.