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Jiangsu Province Anti-HIV drugs Research Center Passed the Acceptance Inspection

Source:DESANO      Date:2019-02-21 13:44:19

Recently, Jiangsu Province Anti-HIV drugs Engineering Technology Research Center built by Jiangsu Puxin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd passed the acceptance inspection by experts from Yancheng Science and technology Bureau. Through listening the organization situation report from Engineering Technology Research Center, reviewing the acceptance inspection documents, face-to-face answering and discussion on site, it is considered that Engineering Technology Research Center entirely completed the construction mission and the acceptance inspection is unanimously passed.

Jiangsu Province Anti-HIV drugs Engineering Technology Research Center is Jiangsu science and technology planning project applied by Jiangsu Puxin and got approval in 2015. After 3 years project construction, the company has invested RMB 35.02 million yuan, built 2,100 square meters of research and development site, procured 73 sets of research and development experimental equipment and built an 81-person engineering and technical team. Under the technical support from Shanghai Institute of Medicine of Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Anti-HIV drugs Engineering Technology Research Center, Engineering Technology Research Center completed a series of science and technology projects, research and development, testing and acceptance.

During the construction period, the Engineering Technology Research Center has made a lot of contributions to the talent training and technological progress of Jiangsu Puxin. In terms of personnel training, the company has introduced and established a professional and stable research and development team, which has given full play to the talents of professionals and injected new vitality into the sustainable development of the company. In terms of technological progress, it has reduced the unit consumption of raw materials and solvents, created significant economic benefits, developed clean production process, reduced the discharge of waste materials and laid a solid foundation for the company's transformation, upgrading and sustainable development. At the same time, the construction of Engineering Technology Research Center also promoted the improvement of the company's product level and customer satisfaction, enhanced the company's product market competitiveness, and expanded the company's customer resources.