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National Anti-HIV Drugs Research Center Held the 2018 Technical Committee Confer

Source:DESANO      Date:2019-02-21 14:51:01

The 2018 Technical Committee Conference was held by National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center in VIP conference room in Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd on 23th December, 2018. Experts attending the conference include Mr. Ding Kuiling, Executive vice President of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Mr. Lu Hongzhou, Party secretary of Shanghai public health clinical center, Mr. Song Gonghua, dean of College of pharmaceutics of East China University of Science and Technology, Mr. Zhang Wanbin, professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Mr. Yin Zheng, Deputy director of the center for basic molecular science, tsinghua university, Mr. Yu Zhixiang, Distinguished professor of changjiang scholars, Peking University, Mr. Sun Hao, expert and professor of Thousand Talents Program of Tianjin University, Mr. Lou Zhiyong, Yangtze river scholar and professor of Tsinghua University, Mr. Li Jingpeng, President of Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, Dr. Li Jinliang, director of National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center, Mr. Zhang Hua, Ms. An Xiaoxia and Mr. Cai Zhigang, Vice director of National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center. The conference is hosted by Mr. Ding Kuiling. Mr. Tan Ruicong, Director of R&D Base Construction and Management Office of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Mr. Zhang Fan are specially invited to attend the conference.

Dr. Li Jingliang made a detailed report on the technical innovation, talent construction, development mode, operation mechanism and future development plan of the national anti-HIV drug engineering technology research center since its establishment. Ms. An Xiaoxia and Mr. Hua Sikai respectively reported center anti-aids drugs preparation technology, anti-aids drugs asymmetric synthesis and engineering technology research and development situation and achieved experts’ consistent high praise and affirmation. In the end, for the developing direction of engineering center, key generic technology of technology development, experts launched a series of communication, discussion, pertinent opinions and suggestions are put forward.

In the afternoon, Experts from the technical committee discussed the two topics of "Desano R&D Innovational Ideas in 2019" and "Synthetic Generic Technical Difficulties", and guided the R&D personnel of the center to develop feasible R&D strategies and methods, which benefited the R&D personnel of the center and greatly expanded their R&D horizons.