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Leaders from Acebright Group visited the staff during Chinese New Year

Source:DESANO      Date:2019-04-22 13:13:30

During the Spring Festival, Desano's subordinate company arranged continuous production, and some employees gave up the opportunity to go home and stay on their positions. In the fifth and sixth day of Chinese New Year, leaders from Acebright Group came to visit the staff who stayed on their positions during Chinese New Year in Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Puxin Co., Ltd. The following is a detailed report.

Acebright Group President Xu Visited Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

On The fifth day of Chinese New Year, Acebright Group President Xu Visited the staff who stayed on their position during Chinese New Year in Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ms. Kan Ying (Group CEO), Mr. Guo Tun(Group vice president), Ms. Jiang xiugen(Group vice president), Mr. Fan Zhongmin(Group director), Gu Huihuang(Group director), Ms. Tan zhaoe(vice GM of Desano Pharmaceuticals), Mr. Ye Shilai(GM of Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical) were company with the audit.

Mr. Xu came to the plants of PMPA, Lamivudine, Efavirenz, solvent recovery, water treatment and power to understand detailed safety production situation on site and guided the work.

Then Chines New Year conference was held. Mr. Xu put forward two requirements: first, to do a good job in the decomposition and refinement of annual business indicators, especially to the target output value and gross profit contribution indicators layer by layer decomposition, the economic accounting indicators clear to the production workshop. Second, we should focus on the supply chain management of main raw materials, build the production capacity of DTG series products, improve the solvent recovery capacity, do a good job in compliance management, and deal with the relationship between stock business and incremental business.

Mr. Ye summarized that we should immediately implement the instructions and requirements from Group Company, 2019 operating budget indexes and the specific work target should be implemented to responsible person and responsible units, build comprehensive competitiveness of the TLD product, to carry out the "three wastes" comprehensive governance and compliance production work, to do a good job of domestic API registration and phase ii project construction work to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Acebright Group President Zhang Hua Visited Jiangsu Puxin Co., Ltd during Chinese New Year

On the sixth day of Chinese New Year with heavy snow. At ten o 'clock in the morning, Zhang Hua, president of Acebright Group, visited employees of Jiangsu Puxin and held a Chinese New Year conference. Jiangsu Puxin company general manager Yang Chun, executive deputy general manager Qang Qi accompanied the visit.

During the conference, Mr. Zhang analyzed the prospects for the development of anti-aids drugs, and put forward four requirements to attendees: First, to work together to intensively cultivate to ensure the  product quality to the extreme. Second, we need to focus on the joint efforts of the upper and lower levels, and focus on safety and environmental protection. Third, we should make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and complete the task of automatic transformation. Fourth, see and operate carefully to avoid the leakage and venting during production. Mr. Zhang pointed out that with the support of all parties in the group and through the joint efforts of all employees, Puxin should successfully complete the budget target of 2019 and make greater contribution to the sustainable and stable development of Acebright Group.

All attendees felt excited and expressed their determination to be participants and maintainers of drug safety, as well as striver and implementer of Group development and Puxin revitalization.